Student Instructors Program

Student Instructors Program

300 hours

  • 300 hours
  • Students receive a customized kit that includes essential tools such as nail kit, bowl, Nail Cutter.
  • Cuticle Pusher.Cuticle Nipper.Nail Buffer.Nail File, Pumice Stone/ Foot File.Nail Brush.Toe Separator, nail brush, orange wood stick, mild scrub. Tools essential to performing services

Our program allows for even the youngest 12-year-old to attend & perform with peers of their age and creative talents. (Teen – Program)

Our 12-year-old Students Ambassadors are expected to take an entry placement test.   these students are interviewed and selected through our selection process. Selected by teachers recommendation in school, & or committees & organization to be submitted into A.R.T.C selection process. We are super excited to meet the needs of our leaders of tomorrow.

Program Objectives

To gain knowledge on the history of hair & styling, develop the skills needed to work in a professional salon environment through hands-on technical experience & class work; and lastly, prepare you to take and pass the NC State Board of Cosmetics Arts licensing exam.

Nail Technician Course is licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetics Arts.

Being licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetics Arts means A.R.T. Beauté & Aesthetics College are able to perform services underneath NC state board requirements. This authorized us to provide a Nail course program. When completed, enrollees are able to apply for a North Carolina license to become a Nail Technician professional. In order to operate in the salon or your family business, Nail Technicians are required by law to have a Nail Technician License. In absence of this license, Nail Technicians and salons will be subject to penalties and fines. A Nail License also fulfills the state requirements needed to become a professional Technician giving awesome services.

While believing everyone deserves the same opportunities to follow their dreams, we offer flexible payment plans. Please contact the director or Admissions, we will be more than happy to discuss a fitting plan.

Our pre-teen / teen student ambassadors’ requirements are the same as all students and adult requirements. North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art regulates the manicurist industry. It is important that A.R.T.C. Beauté & Aesthetics School follow all infection control and sanitary practices set forth by the state of N.C. Manicurist will have to do 300 hours in an approved manicurist program, complete all practical performance

Set forth by the state, pass all exams and finals with a grade of 75% or higher, and a of $69 and $79 for the practical and written exams.

After completing a course at A.R.T.C, a student must take and pass a practical NIC Exam Administered by DL Rope. They must also take and pass NC State Board Written Exam to receive a license to work in the state of NC.

All of our pre-teen & teen classes are scheduled separately from adults. Classes run 10-23 weeks for pre-teen classes only.   Structured classes environments with a creative twist is key for our new Generation Z. This helps them reach their greatest potential. These skills will make the student ambassadors confident, productive, more creative and innovative as it gains employment as a successful nail technician.

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