Titiauna Williams

Titiauna Williams

Titiauna Williams is  Co-Owner & A.R.T.C Admissions & Financial Aid Leader.  Titiauna comes with superb communication skills,  wisdom, structure and a strong financial background. Titauna is a  business owner, dance teacher with a Computer Engineering background.  Titiaunas strong Culture & Systems training background with one of the worlds largest companies,  Google and CIOCA has allowed for all hands-on job training. Titiauna has assisted over the past year,  one of Raleigh’s highest selling dealerships (Auction Direct) in funding/administration programs & execution process. Titiauna is a College Graduate specializing in biomedical and computer engineering. 

 Titiauna does the “I am” possible in  administration, recruitment, leadership, and  ownership. Titiauna strength as A.R.T.C lead is in  developing and identifying successful students. Titiauna supports and implements A.R.T.C systems & culture.  Titiauna expertise is in evaluating & improving our systems in  financial aid to students in accordance with federal, state, and university regulations, policies, and operating guidelines. Assesses financial needs of students, and advise Participate as appropriate in systems/procedures planning and management of A.R.T.C; implements and coordinates specific individual programs and/or assignments, in accordance with the overall objectives of admissions & financial aid department of A.R.T.C Beauté & Aesthetics College. Titiauna Williams is an all around team player who  enjoys helping others reach their maximum potential. Titiauna passion  is to see each student & staff succeed and grow in their chosen industry.

We believe that we can do the impossible & our actions support it.

“I have power in my words, I can have what I say,
I can do the impossible, I can achieve today!”

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